REVIEWS - on Heartland Country USA

RAY GRUNDY - Metro Country
"The albums opening track, 'Heartland Country USA', is a lively rocker that is certain to have the dancers on the floor ...The only downside to the album is that it only contains 8 tracks"


PETE SMITH - Country Music Round-Up
RJ McClintock could be described as a ‘Comstock veteran’, having been with the label for a decade or so. ‘Heartland Country USA’ though, is his first album for Comstock after a string of well received singles. These singles, notably ‘Catch A Tiny Teardrop’ and ‘Huffy Shoe Strut’, are reprised and with excellent new songs McClintock has an album that will make it’s mark on the indie charts. ‘Giving And Losing’ features a female duet, uncredited, and one hell of a beautiful voice! I guess it’s co-writer Lorena Prater.

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